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    Welcome at the Agics software bug report. If you find any issues with out software, please report them here. Below are some guidelines, tips and expectations for using this service.

    • For uniformity reasons all reports should be in English
    • Do not demand priority for your issue. People always suggest their issue should receive priority because it's important to them. It is up to the developers to choose what they want to work on and when it gets worked on.
    • Agics will not provide a personal response to the reports.
    • Do not ask for support. This is for bug reports and feature requests only.
    • Tickets should be stand-alone. They should contain all the information necessary to reproduce the issue.
    • Each ticket should cover one issue. Tickets that cover multiple issues are confusing and hard to resolve since some parts may not be completed in a way that matches the ticket's resolution.
    • Always mention the version of the software you are running. We would appreciate that you try to latest version of the software first to see if it maybe already resolve your issue
    • Agics does not guarantee in any way that a feature will be added, or an issue will be solved.
    • Thank you for your cooperation.

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