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    Overview of all known tasks and their description.

    Click on the letter to view al tasks starting with this letter. Systemtasks are case sensitive. Use of capitals makes a difference !!

    Find Program:

    [TAA - TA#]
    [TBA - TB#]
    [TCA - TC#]
    [TDA - TD#]
    [TEA - TE#]
    [TFA - TF#]
    [TGA - TG#]
    [THA - TH#]
    [TIA - TI#]
    [TJA - TJ#]
    [TKA - TK#]
    [TLA - TL#]
    [TMA - TM#]
    [TNA - TN#]
    [TOA - TO#]
    [TPA - TP#]
    [TQA - TQ#]
    [TRA - TR#]
    [TSA - TS#]
    [TTA - TT#]
    [TUA - TU#]
    [TVA - TV#]
    [TWA - TW#]
    [TXA - TX#]
    [TYA - TY#]
    [TZA - TZ#]
    [T#A - T##]

    Files starting with an "T" (TPA - TP#)


    TP-LINK USB Printer Controller Setup.exe (TPLINK USB Printer Controller)

    TP.COM (n/a)

    TP3Helper.EXE (Trojan:Win32/Small.AX)

    TP4EX.exe (TP4EX)

    TP4HOOK.dll (TP4HOOK)

    TP6800.sys (TP6800 Windows System File)

    TP98.CPL (IBM ThinkPad Control Panel Applet)


    TP9Fo.exe (n/a)

    TPAdmin.exe (TPAdmin)

    TPAutoConnect.exe (TPAutoConnect)

    TPAutoConnSvc.exe (TPAutoConnect)

    TPanSetup10.101.exe (TPan Setup file)

    TPB.bat (n/a)

    TPB.dll (n/a)

    TPb3hoByyl6.js (n/a)

    TPC.EXE ()

    TPC.exe (PCOptimax Total PC Care)

    TPC300.exe (TPC300)

    TPCDefragSrv.exe (PCOptimax Total PC Care)

    TPCHSrv.exe (TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor)

    TPCHViewer.exe (TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor)

    TPCHWMsg.exe (TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor)

    TPCL.exe (W32.clod697.trojan.3e6b)

    TPClnRDP.dll (ThinPrint Client Win32)

    TPClnt.dll (.print Client Windows)

    TPClntdeu.dll (.print Client Windows)

    TPClntjpn.dll (.print Client Windows)

    TPClntloc.dll (.print Client Windows)

    TPClnVM.dll (.print Client for VMware)

    TPCMCtrl.dll (TPCMCtrl.dll plug-in)

    TPCMpwr.exe (Power Consumption Meter)

    TPCM_COM.dll (TPCM_COM.dll plug-in)

    TPCONFIG.EXE (n/a)

    TPConf.dll (Panda Technologies)

    TPConf64.dll (TPConf Dynamic Link Library)

    TPConfWow.dll (Panda Technologies)

    TPCPS.DLL (TPCPS.DLL plug-in)

    TPdf.dll (n/a)

    TPdfPlus.exe (Tomahawk)

    TPE.exe ()

    TPE32Setup.exe (n/a)

    TPE33Setup.exe (n/a)

    TPELPWR.EXE (ThinkPad EL power)

    TPESetting.dll (TouchPad Extra Setting)

    TPeculiarity.dll (TPeculiarity)

    TPFCcore.dll (TPFCcore.dll plug-in)

    TPFNF6.exe (ThinkVantage Communications Utility)

    TPFNF6R.exe (ThinkPad FnF Resident Module)

    TPFNF7SP.exe (Presentation Director Fn+F handler)

    TPFRAEC2_CSY.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_DAN.msi (TPFRAEC DAN Microsoft Installer File)

    TPFRAEC2_DEU.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_ELL.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_ENU.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_ESP.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_FIN.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_FRA.msi (TPFRAEC FRA Microsoft Installer File)

    TPFRAEC2_HRV.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_ITA.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_NLD.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_NOR.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_PLK.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_PTG.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_RUS.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_SKY.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_SLV.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_SVE.msi (n/a)

    TPFRAEC2_TRK.msi (n/a)

    TPfPGIoka30.js (n/a)

    TPHDEXLG.EXE (ThinkVantage Active Protection System)

    TPHDEXLG.exe (ThinkVantage Active Protection System)

    TPHDEXLG64.exe (ThinkVantage Active Protection System)

    TPHKDRV.sys (ThinkPad OnScreenDisplay)

    TPHKLOAD.exe (ThinkPad Message Client Loader)

    TPHKMGR.exe (ThinkPad Hotkey Manager)

    TPHKSVC.exe (tphksvc)

    TPhoto.exe (n/a)

    TPIDI16.DLL (TPIDI16.DLL plug-in)

    TPIDI32.dll (TPIDI32.dll plug-in)

    TPIDITST.exe (n/a)

    TPIMANAGERCONSOLE.EXE (Trojan:Win32/Wisdomeyes.GQ)

    TPIManagerConsole.exe (Adware:Win32/Websearch.E)

    TPINSPM.DLL (tpinspm.dll plugin)

    TPIOMngr.sys (n/a)

    TPi7NpuFKfD.js (n/a)

    TPKNRDLL.dll (tpknrdll.dll plugin)

    TPKNRRES.exe (tpknrres)


    TPkd.sys (InterLok(R))

    TPkill DF.sys (n/a)

    TPL-AA-AK-11_800_030.exe (n/a)

    TPL.js (n/a)

    TPLHMM.dll (n/a)

    TPLINK27.exe (Trojan:Win32/Dynamer.BDD)

    TPLINKUDSMBus.sys (TPLINKUDSMBus Windows System File)

    TPLINKUDSMBus64.sys (TplinkUDSMBus Windows System File)

    TPLINKUDSTcpBus.sys (TPLINKUDSTcpBus Windows System File)

    TPLINKUDSTcpBus64.sys (TplinkUDSTcpBus Windows System File)

    TPLIStubSetup020315.exe (Worm:Win32/Gh.B)

    TPLIStubSetup_0601.exe (n/a)

    TPL_AA_AA22_48_800_008.exe (n/a)

    TPM.DLL (ScanGear)

    TPM.dll (ScanGear)

    TPMAP.EXE (n/a)

    TPMDDL.dll (Atmel TDDL (x86))

    TPMDDL64.dll (Atmel TDDL (AMD64))

    TPMProvisioningService.exe (Intel TPM Provisioning Service)

    TPMXUD.exe (TPMXUD Application)

    TPNAShD4EbM.js (n/a)

    TPNORDER.SCR (n/a)

    TPNSCR1.SCR (TPNSCR Screensaver)

    TPONSCR.EXE (ThinkPad Hotkey Manager)

    TPONSCR.exe (ThinkPad Hotkey Manager)

    TPOSD.DLL (TPOSD.DLL plug-in)

    TPOSD.EXE (On Screen Display)

    TPOSDSVC.exe (On screen display message generator for ThinkPad)

    TPowerNotice.exe (TOSHIBA eco Utility)

    TPowerSaverDll.dll (TPowerSaverDll.dll plug-in)

    TPP.dll (n/a)

    TPPALDR.EXE (TPP Auto Loader Application)

    TPPATCH.EXE (n/a)

    TPPlayer.exe (n/a)

    TPPNTTRY.EXE (TPP Storage Adapter)

    TPPRN.DLL (TPPRN.DLL plug-in)

    TPPrnUI.DLL (TPPrnUI.DLL plug-in)

    TPPrnUIchs.dll (TPPrnUIchs.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIcht.dll (TPPrnUIcht.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIcsy.dll (TPPrnUIcsy.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIdeu.dll (TPPrnUIdeu.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIell.dll (TPPrnUIell.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIesn.dll (TPPrnUIesn.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIfra.dll (TPPrnUIfra.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIhun.dll (TPPrnUIhun.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIita.dll (TPPrnUIita.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIjpn.dll (TPPrnUIjpn.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIkor.dll (TPPrnUIkor.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIplk.dll (TPPrnUIplk.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIptb.dll (TPPrnUIptb.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIrus.dll (TPPrnUIrus.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUIsve.dll (TPPrnUIsve.dll plug-in)

    TPPrnUItha.dll (TPPrnUItha.dll plug-in)

    TPPS.DLL (ThinPrint Output Gateway PS)

    TPPSTRAY.EXE (TPP Storage Adapter)

    TPPUI16.DLL (TPPUI16.DLL plug-in)

    TPPUI32.DLL (TPP Storage Adapter)

    TPPUN.EXE (TPP Storage Adapter)

    TPPWOPEX.DLL (ThinkPad Power Manager)

    TPPWR32V.SYS (TPPWR32V Windows System File)

    TPPWR64V.SYS (Power Manager)

    TPPWRIF.SYS (1, 0, 0, 0)

    TPP_2.1_13-10-2012.exe (n/a)

    TPprop.dll (TPprop plugin)

    TPQnpa.exe (n/a)

    TPRDPW32.dll (TPRDPW32.dll plug-in)

    TPRELOC.COM (Virus:Dos/Vacsinaldr.B)

    TPRO4.SYS (TPRO4 Windows System File)


    TPROF.EXE (n/a)

    TPROFW.EXE (n/a)

    TProactor.dll (n/a)

    TProbe.exe ()

    TProcPlg.dll (TProcPlg.dll plug-in)

    TProxy.exe (Orange ContrĂ´le Parental)

    TPS.dll (TPS.dll plug-in)

    TPS108.dll (AGVN.HUHGJC)

    TPS9265.bat (n/a)

    TPSAddin.dll (TPSAddin.dll plug-in)

    TPSBattM.exe (Toshiba Power Saver)

    TPSC.dll (Trojan:Win32/Wisdomeyes.A)

    TPSCCfg.exe (TOSHIBA Peak Shift Control)

    TPSCCom.dll (TOSHIBA eco Utility)

    TPSCDll.dll (TPSCDll.dll plug-in)

    TPSCMain.exe (TOSHIBA Peak Shift Control)

    TPSCREX.EXE (ThinkPad UltraZoom)

    TPSDel.dll (TPSDel)

    TPSDock.exe (The Phone Support Dock)

    TPSetUp.exe (n/a)

    TPSFix.exe (Clarion .)

    TPShlExt.dll (n/a)

    TPSMain.exe (TOSHIBA Power Saver)

    TPSMainCtl.dll (TPSMainCtl.dll plug-in)

    TPSODDCtl.exe (TOSHIBA Power Saver)

    TPSparkyRoot.bat (TPSparkyRoot.bat Batchfile)

    TPSpy200.exe (Typing Pal Spy)

    TPSrv.exe (Panda Software)

    TPSrvAux.exe (TPSrvAux)

    TPSrvWow.exe (TPSrv)

    TPSSDATPlugin.exe (McAfee® Security-as-a-Service)

    TPSSOff.bat (n/a)

    TPSTrace.dll (TPSTrace.dll plug-in)

    TPSvc.dll (TPSvc)

    TPT Transparency Setter.exe (n/a)

    TPTEST5.exe (n/a)

    TPTray.exe (Toshiba Laptops Traybar Process)


    TPUFORTSS.dll (TPUFORTSS.dll plug-in)


    TPUNHERw.inf (n/a)

    TPUNHERx.inf (n/a)

    TPUninstall.exe (WildTangent Games App)

    TPV Etiquetas.exe (Pua:Win32/Solimba.B)

    TPV Uninstaller.exe (n/a)

    TPV.exe (Trojan:Win32/Zbot.BFL)

    TPView.dll (ThinPrint Viewture)

    TPViewdeu.dll (ThinPrint Viewture)

    TPViewjpn.dll (ThinPrint Viewture)

    TPVMMon.dll (TPVMMon.dll plug-in)

    TPVMMondeu.dll (TPVMMondeu.dll plug-in)

    TPVMMonjpn.dll (TPVMMonjpn.dll plug-in)

    TPVMMonUI.dll (TPVMMonUI.dll plug-in)

    TPVMMonUIdeu.dll (TPVMMonUIdeu.dll plug-in)

    TPVMMonUIjpn.dll (TPVMMonUIjpn.dll plug-in)

    TPVMW32.dll (TPVMW32)

    TPWinPrn.dll (ThinPrint Output Gateway)


    TPWPMon.dll (TPWPMon.dll plug-in)

    TPWPMondeu.dll (TPWPMondeu.dll plug-in)

    TPWPMonesn.dll (TPWPMonesn.dll plug-in)

    TPWPMonfra.dll (TPWPMonfra.dll plug-in)


    TPWRDEL.exe (n/a)




    TPWRTRAY.EXE (Tpwrtray)

    TPWrm2.exe (Trojan:Win32/Unknown.C)

    TPW_Patch_v2-20061023133011U17YI.0_SO.exe (PackageForTheWeb Stub)

    TPwrBrightness.dll (TPwrBrightness.dll plug-in)

    TPwrCfg.dll (TPwrCfg.dll plug-in)

    TPwrFunc.dll (TPwrFunc.dll plug-in)

    TPwrMain.exe (TOSHIBA Power Saver)

    TPwrMgr.exe (TPwrMgr)

    TPwrReg.dll (TPwrReg.dll plug-in)

    TPwrSave.cpl (TPwrSave)

    TPwrSave.exe (Toshiba Applet)

    TPwrSrv.dll (TPwrSrv.dll plug-in)

    TPwrUnInst.dll (TPwrUnInst.dll plug-in)

    TPwSav.sys (IO Driver For TOSHIBA Power Saver)

    TPXP_Retail_1.0.1.3_setup_en.exe (Pegasys Setup Tool)

    TPXREF.EXE (n/a)

    TPXXVIR.COM (Virus:Dos/Remnants.CH)

    TPXXVIR1.COM (Virus:Dos/Remnants.AG)

    TPXXVIR2.COM (Virus:Dos/Remnants.CH)

    TPZrD6F0DMr.js (n/a)

    TP_Grid.ocx (TP_Grid ActiveX plug-in)

    TP_MCLForm.js (n/a)

    TP_NALA.scr (TP_NALA Screensaver)

    TpAdmin.js (TpAdmin Java Script)

    TpAdmin2.js (n/a)

    TpChoice.sys (Touch Pad Detection Filter driver)

    TpClnt.dll (.print Client Windows)

    TpClntloc.dll (.print Client Windows)

    TpEM.exe (n/a)

    TpFnF5.dll (ThinkPad Fn F5 Utility)

    TpFnF5.exe (ThinkPad Fn F5 Utility)

    TpFriend.js (n/a)

    TpHz4JlHiN3.js (n/a)

    Tpinsnpd.DLL (Presentation Director)

    TpJwzBAj.exe (Worm:Win32/Vobfus.AB)

    TpKmapAp.exe (Keyboard Customizer)

    TpKmapHk.dll (TpKmapHk plugin)

    TpKmapMn.exe (IBM Thinkpad Keyboard Mapper)

    TpKmpSVC.exe (IBM ThinkPad Utility)

    TpKmpSvc.exe (IBM ThinkPad Utility)

    TpKnrres.exe (tpknrres)

    Tpkd.sys (InterLok(R))

    TpkMain_3.1_XiaZaiBa.exe (?????? .)

    TpkUpdate.exe (电脑管家)

    TpLuumRI-NH.js (n/a)

    TplEditor.exe (n/a)

    TplEngine.dll (TplEngine plugin)

    TplinkUDSMBus.sys (TplinkUDSMBus Windows System File)

    TplinkUDSTcpBus.sys (TplinkUDSTcpBus Windows System File)

    Tpm professional package 4.2 download_10924_i25854905_il345.exe (n/a)

    TpmAuth.dll (TpmAuth.dll plug-in)

    TpmCertResources..dll (TpmCertResources.dll plugin)

    TpmCertResources.dll (TpmCertResources.dll plug-in)

    TpmCoreProvisioning..dll (TpmCoreProvisioning.dll plugin)

    TpmCoreProvisioning.DLL (TpmCoreProvisioning.dll plugin)

    TpmCoreProvisioning.dll (TpmCoreProvisioning.dll plug-in)

    TpmEkCertResources.dll (TpmEkCertResources.dll plug-in)

    TpmEngUM.dll (TpmEngUM.dll plug-in)

    TpmInit..exe (TPMINIT)

    TpmInit.exe (TPMINIT)

    TpmTasks.dll (Microsoft® Windows® Operating System)

    TpointDK.chm (TpointDK Compiled HTML Help File)

    TpointFI.chm (n/a)

    TpointFR.chm (n/a)

    TpointGR.chm (n/a)

    TpointIT.chm (n/a)

    TpointJP.chm (n/a)

    TpointNL.chm (n/a)

    TpointNO.chm (TpointNO Compiled HTML Help File)

    TpointSE.chm (TpointSE Compiled HTML Help File)

    TpointSP.chm (n/a)

    TpointUS.chm (TpointUS Compiled HTML Help File)

    TpPenMon.dll (TpPenMon)

    TpPenMon.exe (PenActivity)

    Tprbtn.exe ()

    TpScrex.exe (ThinkPad UltraZoom)

    TpScrLk.exe (IBM Thinkpad Utility)

    TpShCPL.cpl (TpShCPL)

    TpShCPL.dll (TpShCPL.dll plug-in)

    TpShCTL.exe (ThinkVantage Active Protection System)

    TpShEvUI.exe (TpShEvUI)

    TpShocks.chm (n/a)

    TpShocks.dll (TpShocks.dll plug-in)

    TpShocks.exe (IBM Hard Drive Active Protection)

    TpUtil.dll (TpUtil)

    TpUtil64.dll (Panda Technologies)

    TpUtilWow.dll (TpUtil)

    TpuForTSS.dll (n/a)

    TpVolCtrlAut.exe (Windows Volume Control Utility)

    Tpv.exe (n/a)

    TpWAud32.dll (n/a)

    TpWAudAp.exe (Hotkey Utility)

    Tpwf002.dll (n/a)

    Tpwf008.dll (n/a)

    Tpwf010.dll (n/a)

    Tpwf012.dll (n/a)

    Tpwf020.dll (n/a)

    Tpwf022.dll (n/a)

    Tpwf026.dll (n/a)

    Tpwf030.dll (n/a)

    Tpwf031.dll (n/a)

    Tpwf039.dll (n/a)

    Tpwf045.dll (n/a)

    Tpwf047.dll (n/a)

    Tpyksh.exe (Trojan:Win32/Menti.Q)

    Tpz8JUNAM50.js (n/a)

    tP80CHSPU.js (n/a)

    tPFU1YHZA.js (n/a)

    tPGM7EKMsZo_1.js (tPGMEKMsZo .js Java Script)

    tPhywFt5lJz.js (n/a)

    tPiracy.swf (n/a)

    tPR4JKAJF.js (n/a)

    tPsxdwFU4y.dll (Trojan:Win32/Wisdomeyes.BH)

    tPZZfO.exe (Trojan:Win32/Vobfus.BQ)

    tp-autocomplete.js (n/a)

    tp.dll (tp.dll plug-in)

    tp.exe (Virutal Meeting Room Application)

    tp.widget.bootstrap.min.js (tp widget bootstrap min Java Script)

    tp.widget.controller.js (tp widget controller Java Script)

    tp.widget.min.js (n/a)

    tp2.js (n/a)

    tp328171.dll (Virus:Win32/Sality.AF)

    tp32kgen.exe (n/a)

    tp4.dll (tp4.dll plug-in)

    tp4c.swf (n/a)

    tp4coin3.dll (tp4coin3.dll plug-in)

    tp4cross.exe (TP4CROSS)

    tp4ex.cpl (tp4ex Control Panel)

    tp4ex.exe (Tp4ex)

    tp4mon.exe (Virus:Win/Luder.CGC)

    tp4res.dll (tp4res)

    tp4serv.exe (Tp4serv)

    tp4servinst.exe (PS/2 TrackPoint Service Installer)

    tp4track.sys (PS/2 TrackPoint Support)

    tp4ui.dll (IBM PS/2 TrackPoint Control Panel)

    tp4uires.dll (tpuires)

    tp4unins.exe (n/a)

    tp6i.exe (n/a)

    tpAlert.dll (tpAlert.dll plug-in)

    tpAXzIz6GEIJa0NhNE598D1Ux2rQjrdRxDvHaUyoSes.js (tpAXzIzGEIJaNhNEDUxrQjrdRxDvHaUyoSes.js Java Script)

    tpa-common-deploy.min.js (tpacommondeploy.min[].js Java Script)

    tpa-common.min.js (tpacommon.min[].js Java Script)

    tpa-viewer-deploy.min.js (n/a)

    tpa-viewer.min.js (tpaviewer.min[].js Java Script)

    tpa.min.js (tpa.min[].js Java Script)

    tpacket.dll (n/a)

    tpacnjydsgnpvqm.exe (n/a)

    tpad109.exe (EPSFX)

    tpalmvaimx.exe (n/a)

    tpam.exe (Terminal Emulator)

    tpasdk.dll (RealNetworks RealPlayer)

    tpautoconnect.exe (TPAutoConnect User Agent)

    tpautoconnsvc.exe (TPAutoConnect Printer Creation Service)

    tpBTPlg.dll (tpBTPlg.dll plug-in)

    tpBTPlgS.dll (tpBTPlgS.dll plug-in)

    tpb.js (tpb Java Script)

    tpbdbjijqokedot.exe (n/a)

    tpbifklmqk.exe (n/a)

    tpbktrbnnn.exe (n/a)

    tpbovtrnbmwub.exe (n/a)

    tpCED.dll (tpCED.dll plug-in)

    tpCFReg.dll (tpCFReg.dll plug-in)

    tpCntnr.dll (tpCntnr.dll plug-in)

    tpc-check-add-cookie.js (n/a)

    tpc300_v31_setup.exe (n/a)

    tpcexInst.exe (TurboPC EX)

    tpcexService.exe (TurboPC EX)

    tpcexTray.exe (TurboPC EX)

    tpchsrv.exe (TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor)

    tpchwmsg.exe (PC Health Monitor)

    tpcinst.exe (tpcinst)

    tpckpvefie.exe (n/a)

    tpcps.dll (Microsoft® Windows® Operating System)

    tpcrn_scripts.js (n/a)

    tpcwuauhlexrm.exe (n/a)

    tpDataCl.dll (tpDataCl.dll plug-in)

    tpDataSv.dll (tpDataSv.dll plug-in)

    tpdAasGy49m.js (n/a)

    tpdashaf.exe (n/a)

    tpdbl.dll (n/a)

    tpdemo.exe (Trojan:Win32/Bho.S)

    tpdf.dll (n/a)

    tpdmevmtnzlwk.exe (n/a)

    tpdmgr.dll (tpdmgr.dll plug-in)

    tpdownloader.exe (TorrentPrivacy builtin torrent client)

    tpdp661xwxp.exe (Squeez Self Extractor)

    tpdqlkhzag.exe (n/a)

    tpds42xx_s461x_w8.exe (Squeez Self Extractor)

    tpduogsjnjpalgk.exe (n/a)

    tpdwim2080win2kxp.exe (Squeez Self Extractor)

    tpEvent.dll (tpEvent.dll plug-in)

    tpeculiarity.dll (TPeculiarity)

    tpehddlbapttl.exe (n/a)

    tpeqelkjjmccqxg.exe (n/a)

    tpfccore.dll (TurboCopy)

    tpfcs.exe (Trojandownloader:Win32/Renos.CMO)

    tpfdjpfvla.exe (n/a)

    tpfdnpoodafyapo.exe (n/a)

    tpfilter.inf ()

    tpfnf5patch.exe (AcPatch(Win))

    tpfnf6.exe (Lenovo Settings)

    tpfnf6r.exe (ThinkPad FnF6 Resident Module)

    tpfnf7.dll (tpfnf7.dll plug-in)

    tpfnf7sp.exe (Presentation Director Fn+F handler)

    tpg15.exe (Remover)

    tpgagifyliuqy.exe (n/a)

    tpgwlnot.dll (Microsoft Tablet PC Component)

    tphdexlg.exe (ThinkVantage Active Protection System)

    tphkload.exe (tphkload)

    tphklock.dll (tphklock)

    tphkmgr.exe (ThinkPad Hotkey Manager)

    tphksvc.exe (tphksvc)

    tphmqjhbtwvlvvc.exe (n/a)

    tphvpkdz.msp (n/a)

    tphwigdv.exe (n/a)

    tpIUAMgr.dll (tpIUAMgr.dll plug-in)

    tpi.dll (tpi plugin)

    tpi9v1gb.exe (Windows Live Messenger AutoUpdate Installer Component)

    tpiano.exe (n/a)

    tpidi16.dll (tpidi16.dll plug-in)

    tpihrbuneiznddo.exe (n/a)

    tpime_v201408281729.external.min.js (n/a)

    tpime_v201408281729.jquery-2.0.0.min.js (n/a)

    tpinspm.dll (tpinspm.dll plug-in)

    tpjnwrqifx.exe (n/a)

    tpkcom.dll (扫描模块)

    tpklj99s.exe (Windows Live Messenger AutoUpdate Installer Component)

    tpkmapap.exe (IBM Thinkpad Keyboard Mapper)

    tpkmpsvc.exe (IBM ThinkPad Utility)

    tpknrdll.dll (tpknrdll.dll plug-in)

    tpknrres.exe (tpknrres)

    tpknrsvc.exe (TPKNRSVC)

    tpkproxy.dll (tpkproxy.dll plug-in)

    tpkreport.dll (tpkreport.dll plug-in)

    tpktt.dll (扫描模块)

    tpLU32.dll (tpLU32.dll plug-in)

    tpLU64.dll (tpLU64.dll plug-in)

    tpLUNag.dll (tpLUNag.dll plug-in)

    tpl.js (tpl Java Script)

    tpl.valueandcampaign.js (n/a) (n/a)

    tpl2.comment.js (tpl.comment.js Java Script)

    tpl2.contacts.js (n/a) (n/a) (n/a)

    tpl2.profile.js (n/a)

    tpl2.search2.js (n/a)

    tpl2.view.js (tpl.view.js Java Script)

    tplAmbiguity.htm.js (n/a)

    tplhelper.js (tplhelper Java Script)

    tplhmm.dll (tplhmm.dll plug-in)

    tplink27 .exe (n/a)

    tplink27.exe (Virtool:Win32/Obfuscator.IJV)

    tplyvwnlrtvtdwt.exe (n/a)

    tpMainUI.dll (tpMainUI.dll plug-in)

    tpMCPlg.dll (tpMCPlg.dll plug-in)

    tpm..msc (Microsoft Windows)

    tpm.dll (ScanGear)

    tpm.msc (Microsoft Windows)

    tpm.sys (Microsoft® Windows® Operating System)

    tpm12x32.sys (tpm12x32 Windows System File)

    tpmadmin.CHM (tpmadmin Compiled HTML Help File)

    tpmcompc..dll (tpmcompc plugin)

    tpmcompc.dll (tpmcompc plug-in)

    tpmddl.dll (tpm.dll)

    tpmdetect.exe (Client Security Solution)

    tpmenable.exe (Client Security Solution)

    tpmg.exe (n/a)

    tpmgma.exe (tpmgma)

    tpminit.dll (TPM initialization library)

    tpminit.exe (n/a)

    tpminitv.exe (Protector Suite QL)

    tpminitw.exe (Protector Suite QL)

    tpmkey.dll (Protector Suite QL)

    tpmon.exe (n/a)

    tpmscrmigplugin.dll (tpmscrmigplugin.dll plug-in)

    tpmstate.exe (Client Security Solution)

    tpmtaskresources.dll (tpmtaskresources.dll plug-in)

    tpmvsc.dll (Microsoft® Windows® Operating System)

    tpmvscmgr.exe (Microsoft® Windows® Operating System)

    tpmvscmgrsvr.exe (Microsoft® Windows® Operating System)

    tpmwqdohgthxmko.exe (n/a)

    tpmx64.sys (tpmx64 Windows System File)

    tpmz1epf0bbxjk.exe (Trojan:Win32/Fakesysdef.SZ)

    tpm_activate_cmd.exe (n/a)

    tpNetMap.exe (Norton)

    tpnbbs.dll (n/a)

    tpnbbsremove.exe (Trojan:Win32/Dorgam.C)

    tpnioyqfxnjsjzi.exe (n/a)

    tpnowazxpwcosns.exe (n/a)

    tpnumlk.exe (tpnumlk)

    tpnumlkd.dll (NumLock on screen display for ThinkPad)

    tpnumlkd.exe (tpnumlkd)

    tpo00a.swf (n/a)

    tpo01.swf (n/a)

    tpo02.swf (n/a)

    tpo05.swf (n/a)

    tpo06.swf (n/a)

    tponscr.exe (ThinkPad Hotkey Manager)

    tpookgxjjq.exe (n/a)

    tpop.exe (n/a)

    tpopup.js (tpopup Java Script)

    tpopup_main.js (tpopup main.js Java Script)

    tposdsvc.dll (tposdsvc.dll plug-in)

    tposdsvc.exe (On screen display message generator for ThinkPad)

    tpotjymd.exe (n/a)

    tpPdk.js (n/a)

    tpPlgXML.dll (tpPlgXML.dll plug-in)

    tpPrdCtl.dll (tpPrdCtl.dll plug-in)

    tpp200.sys (TPP Storage Adapter)

    tpp300.sys (TPP Storage Adapter)

    tpp725.sys (TPP Storage Adapter)

    tppaldr.exe (TPP Auto Loader Application)

    tppanimv4_nl.swf (n/a)

    tppanimv5_9_EN.swf (n/a)

    tppanimv5_EN.swf (n/a)

    tppatch.exe (n/a)

    tppcoipw32.dll (tppcoipw32.dll plug-in)

    tppe_kai.dll (n/a)

    tppkymirqo.exe (n/a)

    tppnttry.exe (TPP Storage Adapter)

    tppoll.exe (PC Camera Driver)

    tpprintticket.dll (tpprintticket.dll plug-in)

    tppui32.dll (TPP Storage Adapter)

    tppun.exe (TPP Storage Adapter)

    tppupd2k.dll (TPP Storage Adapter)

    tppwgkvntjgxqdy.exe (n/a)

    tppwr64v.sys (Power Manager)

    tpp_manual.exe (n/a)

    tpq.exe (Trojan:Win32/Wisdomeyes.BX)

    tpqew.sys (fceukh Windows System File)

    tprdpw32.dll (tprdpw32.dll plug-in)

    tprevxkjutpjs.exe (n/a)

    tprjs.adtag.combined.v2.min.js.js (n/a)

    tprjs.adtag.loader.v1.js (n/a)

    tprkiorpcyrwdpm.exe (n/a) (n/a) ()

    tprolcpkbg.exe (n/a)

    tprpartnertrack.js (n/a)

    tprsuk.exe (n/a)

    tprTracking.js (n/a)

    tprtracklib.js (n/a)

    tprvisitor.js (n/a)

    tpShell.dll (tpShell.dll plug-in)

    tpSvcAV.dll (tpSvcAV.dll plug-in)

    tps-transition-none.js (n/a)

    tps-transition-slide.js (n/a)

    tps.js (tps Java Script)

    tpsacpi.inf (n/a)

    tpsbattm.exe (Toshiba Power Saver)

    tpsccom.dll (TOSHIBA eco Utility)

    tpscrex.exe (ThinkPad UltraZoom)

    tpsetup.exe (TempoPerfect)

    tpshocks.exe (IBM Hard Drive Active Protection)

    tpsmain.exe (TOSHIBA Power Saver)

    tpsmainctl.dll (tpsmainctl.dll plug-in)

    tpsnmiem.dll (Trojan:Win32/Addendum.C)

    tpsnmmgr.exe (Adware:Win32/Addendum.K)

    tpsnmup.exe (Adware:Win32/Addendum.B)

    tpsoddctl.exe (TOSHIBA Power Saver)

    tpsrv.exe (Panda Software)

    tpsrvaux.exe (TPSrvAux)

    tpsrvwow.exe (TPSrv Application)

    tpsti.exe (n/a)

    tpstrace.dll (tpstrace.dll plug-in)

    tpsvr.ini.bak ()

    tpsync.js (tpsync Java Script)

    tpszxyd.sys (AGVN.HBKCPT)

    tptest5_0_2_setup.exe (n/a)

    tpth.dll (tpth plugin)

    tptj.dll (tptj plugin)

    tptlmtwzsemtima.exe (n/a)

    tptnf0.exe (n/a)

    tptnjfgjz4.dll (n/a)

    tptray.exe (Toshiba Laptops Traybar Process)

    tptt.dll (ptt.dll plugin)

    tpt_retail.exe1_889A8C895FF3489A9ED94FDE1615C1C6.exe (InstallShield)

    tpt_retail.exe_889A8C895FF3489A9ED94FDE1615C1C6.exe (InstallShield)

    tpujuiawjdnrifu.exe (n/a)

    tpuninst.exe (Tech PRO Uninstaller)

    tpuoxrbz.exe (n/a)

    tpup.exe (Worm:Win32/Warezov.R)

    tpupljgadlynyll.exe (n/a)

    tpuvvdzjhhzsp.exe (n/a)

    tpv.aspvalidation.js (tpv.aspvalidation[].js Java Script)

    tpv7ljg.js (n/a)

    tpvbekwzld.exe (n/a)

    tpvdppyx.exe (n/a)

    tpview.dll (ThinPrint Viewture)

    tpvljyau.exe (n/a)

    tpvxronlfy.exe (n/a)

    tpw00.swf (n/a)

    tpw09.swf (n/a)

    tpw1.swf (n/a)

    tpw10.swf (tpw.swf Flash File)

    tpw11.swf (tpw.swf Flash File)

    tpw2.swf (n/a)

    tpw4.swf (n/a)

    tpw5.swf (n/a)

    tpw6a.swf (n/a)

    tpw9.swf (n/a)

    tpwaudap.exe (Hotkey Utility)

    tpweb.js (n/a)

    tpwnab-1014-6434.exe (Adware:Win32/Looker.A)

    tpwrcfg.dll (tpwrcfg.dll plug-in)

    tpwrmain.exe (TOSHIBA Power Saver)

    tpwrreg.dll (tpwrreg.dll plug-in)

    tpwrsave.exe (Toshiba Applet)

    tpwrtray.exe (Tpwrtray)

    tpydbskztrunlqe.exe (n/a)

    tpylxejsnbeff.exe (n/a)

    tpySErGd.js (n/a)

    tpyssetup1.5.exe (Microsoft® Windows®)

    tpywgxeqdpesxuu.exe (n/a)

    tpzecoiamwaqt.exe (n/a)

    tpzh.exe (Virus:Win32/Sality.AJH)

    tp_doctor.dll (n/a)

    tp_Erase.dll (n/a)

    tp_elements_all.js (tp elements all.js Java Script)

    tp_Fade.dll (n/a)

    tp_icon.dll (n/a)

    tp_proxy.dll (tp proxy)

    tp_starter.exe (n/a)

    tp_tablet2_wb32_201401.exe (TP Tablet WB)

    tp_whisk.dll (n/a)


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