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    File versions, displays the various file versions known to us. In addition, the unique MD5 hash is displayed. The MD5 hash is a kind of fingerprint of the file.

    Take explorer.exe as an example. Both Windows XP and Windows Vista have a file with this name. Yet they are not the same. Otherwise, a window in Windows XP looks exactly like in Vista.

    This is the version number which is passed to a task. Designers can thus identify the different versions.

    Click here for a page with more detailed information about this specific version

    MD5 Hash
    This is the digital fingerprint of the file. This allow us to make a proper identification of the file. For example, if a virus masquerading as explorer.exe than the MD5 hash should be different compared with the original explorer.exe.

    The size of the found file in kilobytes.

    Agics calculates a File Threat Ranking of all known files. This ranking is calculated on a few dozen points, including;

    • Behaviour on a pc system
    • Virusscan results
    • Feedback from other users
    • Comparability with other files (hazardous and non hazardous).
    • Statistic information.
    • Known white and black listing.

    This results in one of the following five scores:


    The file is almost certainly safe

    Low risk

    The file appears to be safe but has some slightly suspicious properties.


    The file is suspicious.

    High risk

    The file is very suspicious.


    The file is harmful to your system.


    This version of the file has not been tested yet. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

    The goal is to provide a good risk analysis involving where so-called "false positives" are largely prevented.

    Details page

    1. File Threat Rank

    The MD5 hash and the calculated File Threat Rank are displayed here. The same color coding is maintained as above.

    2. Overview

    Shows some elements where the Threat ranking is based on. The displayed items vary per file. Each element has a profile that reflects the findings.

    The reputation of the file. This is based on known virus white and black listings, and through conducting a virus scan.
    Received file samples are executed in a safe computer environment and their behavior is monitored. A risk profile created based on the results.
    File properties are statistically compared with other (safe and harmful) files.
    User feedback
    The results of the feedback we received from users.
    Heuristic properties
    The results of a Heuristic scan of the file.

    3. Details

    Shown here:

    Version number
    Digitally signed
    Indicates whether the file was provided with a digital signature. A signature guarantees that the file is received unchanged from the software company. This can indicate that the file is not changed by malware.
    Last check
    Last update File Threat Rank
    Internet connection
    Does the program creates an internet connection? And if so, what sites? All linked websites are checked by Agics for malware.
    Mail traffic
    If the program sends mails, this is reported here. The number of emails is also checked to recognize spam bots (only unusual trafic is reported).
    (Possible) Infection
    If the file is (possibly) infected you find the malware name here. The orange triangle links to more information about the malware.

    4. Feedback

    Add your feedback about the safety of the file.

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